The Ultimate Solid Shell Drum Kit- A world First!

In the history of drum companies no one has been able to produce a completely solid shell kit. We are the only drum makers in the world to make drum kit in this way. All pieces ( the bass drum included ) are turned from solid Ironwood logs - no block or ply construction.
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We are true custom makers and each kit is made in a consultative process to each players specifications.

Shell size is a maximum of a 20" bass drum , due to log size but the incredible density of the timber gives it a much bigger sound. We are able to turn the shell to your specifications and very little precious Ironwood is lost in the process from a 22" diameter log we are able to turn a 20" bass drum shell and from the inside of that get a 16" floor tom and a 12 " shell as well .

All are completely seasoned and coated to protect the timber and to show off the beautiful color and grain.

The shells all feature our custom lugs and rims mounts and are sold as a shell pack. We can work with you as far as obtaining hardware from other companies to suit your needs for we have many contacts within the industry. Kits come with pressed hoops as standard but we can arrange for die cast hoops to be fitted.

We will not be making many Kits due to the rarity of timber so dont miss out on the kit of a lifetime.

Our kits are designed for the top players who understand the unique qualities of this amazing timber and the rarity of solid shell construction and its handcrafted nature. We are blessed to be able to utilize such an incredible timber in the construction of our solid shell kits, the warmth and projection is like no other. They have an acoustic uniqueness that is lacking in many mass produced kits who all generally use maple we have something acoustically superior in its sound and are only going to produce a small quantity of kits and our waiting list is growing.

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