Here's what Rick van Horn has to say about the Spirit drum's range in his Modern Drummer August 99 review

"A solid body resonates more than a laminated one ,and a very dense body reflects sound waves better than a less dense one . Apply those characteristics to a solid shell drum made of a very dense wood ,and you get an extremelly resonant drum that projects with great power. The reflective nature of the the spirit shell adds another advantage: Sound waves bounce around within the entire volume of the shell ,maximising the "size" and depth of the sound and pulling the greatest possible response from the snares. The result is a very full drum sound -even at fairly high head tension -with lots of snare crispness.These characteristics combine to give the spirit drums exceptional dynamic range; I got great response from them at volume levels from ppp to ff.
Oh, yes: And because the shells are made of wood ,you also get more warmth than you would from a seamless metal shell. Add to this the high end crack associated with die cast hoops and you have just about everything you could ever want from a snare drum.
My favorite drum amongst our test group was the 5 1/2 x 14. It could get up almost as high as the 4 " drum without choking, yet it had more body than the smaller drum could be expected to provide. Its reflective shell allowed it to sound high and crisp , even while the woody nature of the and the overall size of the drum provided an underlying depth .It was a dream to play.
Don't take that to mean that the 4" and 6 1/2" drums weren't excellent, as well. They certainly were. The piccolo produced a glass shattering crack when it's head was turned up tight, and a surprisingly full sound (for it's size) when the head was backed off a bit. the 6 1/2 " snare had plenty of crisp sound ,but added lot's of depth and body underneath.This drum would be a powerful addition to a rock set,but also had the sensitivity to work as a concert snare.Talk about versality!"


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