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This side view of the Spiritdrum bass drum shows the one-point lug mounting system along with the striking appearance of the Ironwood shell

The snare especially becomes a sensitive and articulate instrument when tuned optimally.

So much so, in fact, that I'd have no qualms in recommending it for concert of symphonic use.

A Weighty Decision

Spirit's solid-shell drums are among the most distinctive and beautiful I've encountered. But it must be said that when you start with the world's heaviest wood, and then add a substantial amount of steel hardware, the resulting drums are going to be heavy. Heeaavvy - to the extend that I'd have trouble recommending them for use by club-daters who move in and out of venues on a daily or weekly basis. However, if your playing situation involves a studio installation, a long-running show, a house gig in a club - or a crew of husky roadies to move your gear - I'd say go for it! A rack system would be the best way to support the drums, since mounting them off cymbal stands with multi-clamps could be an exercise in balance and counter-weighting.

Out From Down-Under

You're not going to find a Spirit solid-shell kit sitting on a dealer's shelf waiting to find a home. Each kit is built strictly to order, as part of a consultation process between Jim, Matt, and the customer. Spirit requires three months to complete construction - most of which is for the wood season - and a 33% deposit up front.



Matt and Jim care deeply about their products, so they combine the finest components, handcrafted quality, and individualised service to best fill the needs of their customers. You don't just order a kit from Spirit, you form a relationship with the builders. Together you work out the details until your dream drums are realised. If you are patient enough, and you have the means to obtain one of these kits, you will ultimately be playing on a true work of art. You can contact Spirit Drums at 11 Cycas Close, rainforest Estate, Cairns 4870, Australia, tel: 011 617 40 390961, fax: 0011 617 40 316968,

In addition, Spirit's Web site, www.spiritdrums.com, has a wealth of information about their drums, the unique wood they use, and their construction process. And they recently added a feature that allows you to chat live with Matt or Jim, if they're available. Just remember that Australia is fourteen hours ahead of the Easter Time zone, so check and see if you can click on the chat icon. You may begin a dialog that could change the course of your drumming life for good.




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