Our download files are all MP3. All recordings were recorded to CD at Select Sounds Cairns and were recorded without filtering or gaffing. Click link to download free MP3 player

14 X 6 1/2(396k)

14 X 5 1/2(438k)

14 X 4(388k)

13 X 6 1/2(392k)

13 X 5 1/2(350k)

13 X 4(366k)

12 X 6 1/2(382k)

12 X 5 1/2(600k)

12 X 4(440k)

14x8 CUSTOM(650K)

Ben Harpers "Burn To Shine"
Features our
14X5 1/2 inch snare.
Hear a sample of it
on Track "Alone"

Kit's Recorded Totally flat (no EQ no compresssion). Stereo pair valve Neumann U67's 1m in front of kit and 2m apart plus a stereo pair of Beyer MCE 93 condensers 0.5m behind kit 2m apart. An electrovoice RE 20 placed just inside Kick skin.

Jazz Kit

18X16 Bass Drum
14X14 Floor Tom
12X10 Rack Tom
10X8 Rack Tom
14X5 1/2 snare

20X20 Bass Drum
16X16 floor tom
14X14 floor tom
12X12 rack tom
10X10 rack tom
8X8 rack tom
13X 6 1/2 snare

Mario's Kit:
Short Version

Mario's Kit:
Long Version
1:55 seconds (1.8MB)

A consistent snare sound from anywhere on the head. Sound spectrum analysis by Rysard Pusz the head of the percussion dept at Flinders school of Music - Adelaide University, show Spirit Drum snares to have more peaks through the whole dynamic range than any of the top line snares tested against it.

"exceptional dynamic range; great response
from ppp to ff " Rick Van Horn

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