The Timber Cooktown Ironwood (Erythropleum Chlorostachys) is found in Far North Queensland Australia in an area known as Cape York Peninsula (over 160,000sq klms). Ironwood is one of the hardest and densest timber's in the world. It grows in the "dry country" and even when green has very low moisture content making it extremelly stable. It has a bright red heartwood and a medium even texture with interlocking grain making it extremely stable and durable. On a hardness scale it is twice the hardness of Maple and nearly 50% harder than Jarrah giving it incredible acoustic properties.The timber is so dense it even sinks in water.

Ironwood is photo sensitive and over time the timber darkens to a deep rich red colour with beautiful swirls in the grain on some pieces. Used as bush medicine by the Aboriginal people, Ironwood bark was used in infusions to treat spear wounds and its leaves boiled to treat headaches.

Cooktown ironwood 1220 17
Ebony 1010 14
Jarrah 820 11
Sugar Maple 740 7.3
Black Walnut 670 5.9

Out of many Hardwoods trialed, Ironwood was chosen because of it's incredible acoustic and structural properties. Due to our total faith in this amazing timber Spirit Drums offer a lifetime warranty on all shells.

We are environmentally conscious and all our timber comes from a small cutter who operates in area larger than most U.S. states. Very little precious timber is wasted as it is a extremelly valuable resource to us.Most Ironwood cut ends up as fence posts or railway sleepers and we are keen to add value to this incredible resource.

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